About Us

Our aim is simple: we want to make keto as approachable and, dare we say it, as fun as possible. We’re here to motivate you as you explore delicious recipes to continue enjoying the food you cook, applaud your weight loss successes big and small, and give you a factual approach to make keto a sustainable approach to your journey.

Our goal is to bring you the most informational, user-friendly, easy to navigate website on keto and always strive to improve further. On ruled.me you’ll find everything you need to “rule” the keto diet: diet plans and tips, recipes and cookbooks, recommended tools and resources, and so much more.

Meet our team

No matter what you’re here for, you need information you can trust. Our team consists of professionals from all over the world. Despite our different background, we all have one thing in common. We believe in the ketogenic diet and want to make it as simple and accessible as possible.

Knowing that our recipes are helping so many of you reach your goals through low carb eating, really makes us happy. We love reading your comments and emails, and we have so much fun creating new recipes with you all in mind. It’s almost like having you all over for dinner at my house – but wow, that would get expensive! ha ha!

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